JRC GPS-Rx protocol converter

Short story:

I implemented a software for a small 8051-microcontoller to convert the JRC-protocol to NMEA.

So it is possible to connect the JRC to the varius applications that need a NMEA-format as serial input.

I used a 8051-kit available for 59 DM and some external components (MAX232, 7805) for this converter. Optional you can connect a standard 4x20 LCD to display position, speed and so on.

Only the TxD-pin (TX1) of the rx is connected to the controller, see data format for details. And only the RxD-pin of the PC gets data, there is no way to send stuff to the microcontroller. For a simple converter, there is no need for this (and no UART left in the controller).

The next step is a PCB with all these functions and an accu changer on it to improve the functionality, simplify the mounting and - hopefully - reduce the cost.

Stop reading here, project was switched to a new controller with much more funtionality! Look at the M16C-project!

If haven't stopped: I can give all the stuff I have done til now to you - but not more!

This PCB is almost ready in the CAD-system. The circuit is tested.

It would be helpful to find some additional interested people. It would reduce the price of the PCB and give me the pressure to do the last hardware work and to add some features to the software:

The used JRC-format is Ver 3.0B, the type of the rx is CCA-191P used in car navigation systems.

If your are interested in more detailed information, send a mail to me to force the completion of this site.

But understand: If you find a way to get such a rx for a really good price, it is a good idea to buy it and to use my converter. But if you have to buy it for more than 80$, think about a Garmin system or something like this...

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